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Just wanted to say... - To play it safe is not to play.

May. 25th, 2011

07:50 pm - Just wanted to say...

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I am glad that a few of you seem so interested to hear about my poly journey. I'm really enjoying being able to give the curious-minded a window into what it's like. After all, the thing that originally BEGAN my journey years ago, was stumbling across the LiveJournal of a random polyamorous woman documenting her experiences. I was so fascinated to discover that my wildest fantasies were actually being practiced, ethically and happily, in the real world... by real people. It was possible! My admiration for polyamory grew from there, and I because of that, I am now discovering a freedom and a happiness I never truly believed I would find before I found it. I like to hope that perhaps I can pay that forward and be a similar catalyst for someone else. Help someone else to change the path that's been laid before them into one they've paved themselves.

Aside from the prospect of helping others, it really helps me to sort out my thoughts and feelings about things by writing it out, reading it back to analyze, and also hearing the feedback of others.

So thank you. For reading, for being open-minded, and for your inquisitive and encouraging comments. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk about what I'm going through, in a "world" that is generally not very approving of such things.

That is all.